Chapter 11. NuSphere PHP accelerator

Table of Contents

11.1. Introduction and purpose
11.2. Installing PhpExpress


The NuSphere encoded variant of the library is only included in the JpGraph pro version.

11.1. Introduction and purpose

One of the best way to increase the performance of large and complex PHP scripts is to install one of the available PHP accelerators. JpGraph supports NuSphere PhpExpress accelerator. In order to take advantage of this accelerator you must install the version of the library that is encoded for use with the accelerator. This version is included in the Pro-version of the library under the directory src-encoded/.

If you have the Pro-version of the library there is really no good reason not to use the accelerated version of the library. It will reduce the load on your server as well as significantly decrease the run time for graph scripts. In addition it will also reduce some of the memory requirements needed since the parsing process (translating PHP to bytecode) for the library can be avoided. Furthermore NuSphere PhPExpress also implements a caching mechanism which means that often executed scripts will be kept in memory to avoid re-reading them from disk each time they are needed. This applies to both encoded and non-encoded script files.