3.6. Verifying the library installation

After installing the library a good check that everything works is to run the included example scripts. Worth noting is that some of the examples uses TTF fonts. This means that if you try to run those examples on an installation that does not have any TTF fonts configured an error message will be displayed.

Running your first example

If we assume that you have installed the library directly under the document root on the HTTP server in a directory named "jpgraph/" you can access the examples in the "jpgraph/Examples/" directory by pointing your browser for example to "jpgraph/Examples/example0.php" . This should then show the same image as is displayed in Figure 1.2

If the above example works correctly you can run all the included examples by pointing the browser to the script "jpgraph/Examples/testsuit.php". This will automatically generate all non-CSIM examples (for an explanation of CSIM graphs see ??) and show them in one long list. Note that since this has more than 300 images it can take some time to generate all example images.


In order to generate all CSIM examples you can run the testsuit with the URL argument ?type=2


You will then get a number of examples of so called drill-down charts where a number of areas of the graphs a re hotspots which can be clicked to open a specified URL. However, in these examples all the click-URL have just dummy values which points back to the same file.