3.5. Adapting and customizing the installation

All configuration of the library is done in the file jpg-config.inc.php. Each option in the file is extensively documented in Appendix L Here we will only cover the most important configuration that it likely to have to be customized in order to successfully run the library.


All configuration settings comes with default values that should in normal cases be enough for a "standard" system. However for a production system you might want to fine tune this according to your specific system setup.


During development (and to some extent even on a production server) it might be necessary to adjust some parameters in your php.ini file. For more on this see Section 3.3

3.5.1. Setting up necessary paths

There are three categories of directory paths that can be specified. The categories are:

  1. Font directories, this we already touched upon in Section 3.4.1.

  2. Cache directory, the cache feature of the library is extensively discussed in Chapter 9. The important thing to notice here is that whatever directory you chose to use as a cache directory it must be a directory that is writable for the process running PHP (normally the HTTP server process, e.g. Apache)

  3. CSIM Cache directory (if CSIM cache feature is used). CSIM stands for Client Side Image Maps and is a way to construct client side drill down charts. (Today this is the only inpractice used image mapping method but it is also possible to have Server Side Image Maps).