Chapter 1. About the library

Table of Contents

1.1. What is JpGraph?
1.2. Software license
1.3. Versions of the library covered
1.4. Purpose and usage
1.5. Prerequisites for running the library
1.6. Who can use the library
1.7. What you can do with the library
1.8. What you shouldn't or cannot do with this library
1.9. Feature-matrix for the library
1.10. Where to find additional information
1.10.1. Manuals and distributed documentation
1.10.2. On-line documentation and resources
1.10.3. Defect database
1.11. Known bugs and omissions

What you will learn in this chapter. This chapter will go through what the library is, the licensing model, how it is typically used and the detailed steps of installing it. This chapter will not explain how to use the API in the library. It will help answering typical questions such as "Should I use this library?", "Is the library suitable for use in my particular environment?, "Do I have enough knowledge to use this library?"

1.1. What is JpGraph?

The JpGraph library is a 2D graph plotting library for PHP4 and PHP5. It is meant to significantly simplify the creation of dynamic graphs using PHP scripting. The libray can be used on its own or as an embedded part of a large WEB development undertaking. In addition the library allows images to be created using the command line version of PHP (the cli version).